In terms of desirability, now not a good deal on 4 wheels can top the Ferrari 250 GT California Spider SWB. So when it came time forFerrari to construct a comply with up, it had its paintings reduce out for it. The automobile that resulted became the 275 GTS, a convertible for the yank market, no matter the phrase “California” being overlooked of the call. And in pretty standard Ferrari fashion for the day, the GTS is a special vehicle from whatever else with a 275 name, with differences going beyond the reality that the roof comes down.

The 275 GTS is primarily based on the 275 GTB, which is ready as near to conventional as Ferrari nomenclature gets. But now not only do the cars appear to be completely unique fashions, they were constructed for distinctive purposes. The GTB is a sports vehicle, and so become the 275 GTB/4 that observed it, however the GTS became dealt with more as a grand tourer. And like a strangely huge wide variety of Ferrari convertibles from the era, it turned into also dealt with almost as extra of a limited production unique edition than a complete-on production version. Atypical while you don’t forget how popular roofless Ferraris would turn out to be later.

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Ferrari 275 GTS
The look of the 275 GTS is pretty distinct from that of the 275 GTB that debuted at the identical time on the 1964 Paris Motor show. Both were designed by means of Pininfarina, which isn’t unusual, however while the GTB accompanied the standard formula of actually being built by way of the Ferrari-owned Scaglietti, the GTS turned into constructed in a completely exclusive manufacturing unit and a totally distinct enterprise, Pininfarina itself. Multiple clean differences to identify, aside from the apparent one of the roof, are the smaller and higher-up vents inside the fenders. The headlights aren’t enclosed on the GTS both, and the nostril is shorter and more blunt. That is specifically true whilst looking at the 1965 and 1966 fashions, which in GTB shape had a good longer nose.